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Pewter is a charming name that is generally reserved for boys! Some people believe that Pewter is of Irish origin and the meaning of Pewter is 'beautiful warrior'.
The name finds its origins in a crucial language in Europe, Anglo-Norman. It came from the Anglo-Norman peautrer. When the Normans made their way onto the British Isles alongside William the Conquerer, they brought over the language with them. Norman words would then be adapted into English and it would influence the way the language was spoken. It would forever revolutionize the way we spell words today.
The word would be adopted into English as peutrer. It was the name of an important metal alloy that was used throughout history. It was an alloy consisting of tin, antimony, copper, and bismuth. In a few forms, silver is also added to the compound. The alloy was first used by the Romans. Later on, its usage was adopted by the European powers during the Middle Ages. It was here that it became used as a name. Following this, the name would spread all over the world. 


Pewter is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-E-W-T-E-R , is a 6-letter male given name.

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