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The meaning of Pius is 'dutiful' or 'someone who is very religious'. It is believed to be very significant with all its letters as the first letter 'P' defines a peer that an equal person, the second letter 'I' defines instill, which helps to learn the lesson of life, the third one is 'U' which defines upstanding and represents someone's inner self and the last letter 'S' stands for serene; identifies someone's peaceful time. The name is first derived from the word 'pio', which was the name of twelve Popes. The name was first introduced in 1911, and then the name was given to eight newborn babies. The name is not very common. In 1936 only six babies carried the name in North Dakota. The name got its popularity in the United States in 1927, and it was the highest-recorded name, with a total of 19 baby names at that time. It is also believed that whoever bears the name is believed to be very cooperative, calm, balanced, and has great sympathy for others by nature. The person with this name is usually very dutiful and religious.


Pius is most often associated with the gender: male.

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P-I-U-S , is a 4-letter male given name.

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