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The name Qadan is a well-known name associated with nature. The neutral name is said to be of Mongolian origin. However, the name is said to be of Arabic or African origin as per some sources. The name Qadan is normally preferred by parents for both boys and girls. The meaning of Qadan is 'cliff'. The name in Arabic and African means 'wealthy'. There are some famous places and renowned personalities with the name Qadan. Qadan was the grandson of the famous Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, the son of Ogedei, and the brother of Guyuk Khan. The ancient culture which originated in present day South Egypt is known as the Qadan culture.

Movies & TV featuring Qadan


Tadanobu Asano
Shera Danese
Adan Canto
Cynthia Daniel

Music featuring Qadan



Qadan alaram

Locations featuring Qadan

Tadan Pide

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