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Generosity is one of the best virtues you can instill in your child, and you can do it by giving them a name that means the same. Qassim is a Quranic name that is frequently used for boys. This name has Muslim and Arabic origins. The meaning of Qassim is 'charitable,' or 'generous'. It also means 'divider', or 'distributor' in Muslim origin. It is an alternate variation of the Muslim name Qasim. This name evokes charisma, honesty, and justice. There are some famous people having the variant name Qasim. Qasim Akhtar is an English actor known for his powerful performance in the Channel 4 comedy show 'Shameless'. Another famous figure who uses Qasim as his first name is Qasim Khalaf (MC Qasim), a famous rapper from Bozan, Iraq. He is also the CEO of MC Qasim shop.


Qassim is most often associated with the gender: male.

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Q-A-S-S-I-M , is a 6-letter male given name.

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