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Are you looking for a literary name that resonates with your baby's vibrant personality? If yes, Quixote can be your ideal choice! It is pronounced as KiyHHOWTiy, and is of Spanish origin. The name Quixote is largely used for boys and evokes flexibility, studiousness, and creativity. Baby names that have a similar tone to Quixote include Cassidy, Cassadee, and Caethe. The meaning of Quixote is 'literary'. Don Quixote is a Spanish epic novel that was written by Miguel de Cervantes. The novel was published in two parts, in 1615 and 1605. Quixote was a popular band from Kalamazoo, MI. It was formed in 1996 and featured Tony Uminn, Joel Wick of Jihad, and Paul Wartella.


Quixote is most often associated with the gender: male.

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Q-U-I-X-O-T-E , is a 7-letter male given name.

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