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Rach is a diminutive of the name Rachel or Rachael. The name is of American origin. The meaning of Rach is ‘ewe’. It is a variant of the Hebrew name 'Rachel'. It is also of African origin and refers to 'frog'. In Middle High German, the meaning of Rach is ‘rough, stiff’. Rach is also a topographic name, referring to an area that is ‘steep, rough’. It is not a common name but is rather used as a shortened form of the name Rachel, which is a popular name. Well-known personalities with this name include Johannes Rach, a well-known Danish artist who worked in Indonesia and Copenhagen.

Movies & TV featuring Rach




Seeya Rach - (2007)

Music featuring Rach




Rachael's Little Brother
Osama Rach
Familiar Faces/Rach. 3 Encore

Locations featuring Rach

Rachel's Cafe & Creperie
Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market
Rachel Carson State Office Building
Rach Gia Airport (VKG)

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