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Raquan is an American name, and the meaning of Raquan is 'gift from God'. So far, Raquan hasn't taken off as a popular name, although it’s by no means completely scarce. According to Social Security Administration information, 1330 boys were named Raquan between 1969-2018. It was a good year for the name in 1996 when 157 boys named Raquan. In 1987, it made its first official appearance in the US when it was recorded nine times. Conflicting information says it made its first official appearance on January 10, 1981. It is believed that 1356 baby boys were named Raquan between its first appearance and 2020. There is not enough information to provide a standard pronunciation, but it is probably pronounced Rah-Quan.


Raquan is most often associated with the gender: male.

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R-A-Q-U-A-N , is a 6-letter male given name.

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