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Reinhilde is a name that comes from ancient Germanic roots and Old Norse origins. The meaning of Reinhilde is "the board of battle", or "the decision to fight". It is often given to girls. The name is a derivative of the Old Norse name Ragnhildr, alternately Raganhildis. The name is most often given to people of the female gender. The root name for Reinhilde comes from two German elements: "raginą", which means 'counsel', 'advice', and 'decision', and the word "hildiz," which means 'fight' or 'battle'. It is a variant of Reinhild or Regina. The Latin meaning of this name is "Queen".Notable people with the name include Reinhilde Decleir, who was a director and actress from Belgium. She appeared in several television movies and series, including Van Vlees en Bloed, where she portrayed Maria 'moemoe' Vangenechten. Reinhilde Goossens, or Lisa del Bo, is a notable singer from Belgium. Some of her singles include 'Maar Nu, Wat Doe Ik Zonder Jou', 'Liefde', 'Eindeloos', 'Van Alles', and 'Tussen Heist En De Ardennen' which she sang with Luc Steeno and Willy Sommers. Reinhilde Van Driel, an actress from Belgium, is another notable person with the name. She was part of the main cast for 'Thius', 'Commissaris Roos', and Ontspoord'.


Reinhilde is most often associated with the gender: female.

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R-E-I-N-H-I-L-D-E , is a 9-letter female given name.

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