The name Ren is a gender-neutral name and it is of Japanese, Latin, Swedish and Chinese origins. In Japanese, the meaning of Ren is 'lotus flower' or 'love' depending on the pronunciation. In Latin, Ren means 'rebirth'. It is also of Swedish origin where it means ‘pure and clean’. According to its Chinese origin, the name also means 'benevolence and kindness'. Well-known personalities with the name include soccer player Ren Hang, businessman Ren Zhengfei, actor Ren Osugi, musician Ren Harvieu, and athlete Ren Hui.

Movies & TV featuring Ren




Hong se lian ren - (1998)
Hong se lian ren - (1998)
Sheng hua te jing: Sang shi ren wu - (2000)
A ma de meng zhong qing ren - (2013)

Music featuring Ren




Ren Lenny Ren
Children Of The Moon
Ren Lenny Ren

Locations featuring Ren

Renqiu Shi
Ren Xian
Renhuai Shi
Renshou Xian

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