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The name Seo-Yun is of Korean origin. The meaning of Seo-Yun translates to ‘a prosperous omen’, ‘a good omen’. Another meaning of this name is ‘soft’. Seo-yun was the most popular baby boy name in South Korea in 2015, and came second in 2013 and 2017. The elements of the name ‘seo’ translates to ‘auspicious’, ‘a fortunate omen’, and ‘yun’ translates to ‘sleek’, ‘soft’, ‘allow’, ‘consent’ depending on the combination of the hanja letters. Ji Seo-Yun is a popular South Korean actress who is born with this name.

Movies & TV featuring Seo-yun


Seo-yun Lee
Seo-yun Lee
Seo-Yun Park
Kim Yun-Seo

Locations featuring Seo-yun

Yuncheng Xian
Seo-Hyun Kim
Yunyang Qu
Yunyang Xian

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