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Discover the origin, meaning and pronunciation of the name Sola.

The meaning of Sola is ‘alone’ or ‘sun’. It is a name typically given to girls and is of Spanish origin. It is the Spanish ford word ‘alone’. On the other hand, it derives from the Latin word ‘sōlāris’ which means ‘solar’ or ‘sun’. In the Japnese language, ‘sola’ is the romanized form of the word for ‘sky.’ In theology, the 5 Solas are a set of principles that include ‘Sola Scriptura' which means ‘by Scripture alone’ among 4 others. However, the name is also considered a short form of Solange which comes from Sollemnia that means ‘solemn’ or ‘religious’. There is a region in the Kingdom of Norway named ‘Sola’. It takes its name from the Old Norse word ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’.


Sola is most often associated with the gender: female.

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Spelling of Sola

S-O-L-A , is a 4-letter female given name.

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Solana Beach
Solar Impulse Hangar 117
Stavanger Lufthavn

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