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Steivan is surmised to be an Old Norse name and is primarily used for boys. The meaning of Steivan could be 'stone', derived from the Old Norse word 'steinn', or 'crown', which is taken from the Greek name Stephanos. Some believe that people named Steivan may show personality traits such as creativity, intelligence, ambition, perseverance, generosity, and intuition. Steivan Hasler is a cinematographer best known for working on several television series and films. Some of them include the 2015 adventure comedy film 'Last Cab To Darwin', the 2019 thriller film 'Locusts', the 2021 television series 'Bump', and the 2022 TV series 'Wolf Like Me'. Steivan has also worked on numerous short films, such as the 2011 animated short film 'Be Inspired//The Joy Of Analog Photography', the 2017 comedy-drama short film 'Rekonstruksjon', and the 2015 short film 'Small Talk'.


Steivan is most often associated with the gender: male.

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S-T-E-I-V-A-N , is a 7-letter male given name.

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