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Taavi is a highly adorable-sounding name, and that's precisely what it means in Hebrew. The name Taavi originated from Hebrew culture, and the meaning of Taavi is 'beloved' or 'adored.' Therefore, the meaning of the name means someone who is adored and loved the way he is. So, if your baby boy is going to be treated like an absolute prince, this is the name to go for since it represents his lifestyle most accurately. People with the name Taavi are shown excellent leadership skills because of their personalities that everyone likes; people tend to follow them quickly and happily. Taavi is a Finnish variant of the name Davis that is overly used and known by everyone, so if you were planning for the name David but canceled it because it's widespread, then Taavi is the name you should go for. It's not overly used, nor is it very unique that nobody knows about it. It hangs in the middle and is perfect for the pampered baby boy. Taavi is a very South Asian name and a very catchy and modern name.


Taavi is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-A-A-V-I , is a 5-letter male given name.

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