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The name Tabares is an interesting and meaningful name. It is a gender-neutral name, and the meaning of Tabares is 'someone from Tábara'. Tábara is a Spanish town in the Zamora province. As this name focuses on one particular place in the world, it is a very uncommon name. The name is so uncommon that, according to US records, the name was found less than five times out of a recorded six million people. The name is associated with a small town, but it is also associated with gems and colors. Garnet and amethyst are gems that are believed to bring luck and good joy to a person named Tabares. The color purple is also considered to be their lucky color. People believe that a person named Tabares is likely to become a musician, a writer, an artist, or a designer because of their personality traits. These traits can be uncovered by using the name as an abbreviation. The T stands for tasteful, the A stands for abundant, the B stands for buoy, the R stands for rapport, the E stands for exquisite, and the S stands for a secret. This means that they are loved and adored because they are reliable, and are always there for their friends. They are described as exquisite and talented at many things. They are also people who give great advice and great life lessons.


Tabares is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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T-A-B-A-R-E-S , is a 7-letter neutral given name.

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