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Tabatha is a widely used girl's name. Tabatha and Tabitha are popular names as per various research reports on names. The name Tabatha is typically used for girls. The meaning is ‘gazelle’, ‘beauty’, and ‘grace’. As per credible sources, Tabitha is mentioned in the New Testament. She is also referred to as Dorcas. She is also worshipped as Saint Tabitha. Saint Tabitha was honored for her good deeds. A renowned American fantasy sitcom, ‘Bewitched’, had a character named Tabitha Stephens. Actress Erin Murphy played that role in the series and had supernatural powers. The classic show was a massive hit from 1964-1972. The name is derived from the Aramaic language during the 900-700 BCE. Some other variations of the same name are Tabathina, Tabata, Tabytha, Tabatha, and Tabetha. Famous people with similar names are Tabatha Coffey, a hairstylist. She had her own shows like ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ and ‘Relative Success With Tabatha’. Another famous personality is Tabitha Babbitt. She invented the circular saw. The first woman licensed in the lawyer profession was Tabitha Ann Holton. On the other hand, there is a Marvel fictional character Tabitha Smith. The Australian cricket world has Tabatha Saville. The internet sensation and Grumpy Cat's owner is Tabatha Bundesen.


Tabatha is most often associated with the gender: female.

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T-A-B-A-T-H-A , is a 7-letter female given name.

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