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Taddäus is a beautiful name that is usually given to boys. It is a variation of the name Thaddeus, and the meaning of Taddäus is 'heart'. The name is derived from the Aramaic word 'tadda'. As beautiful as this name is, it is also quite ancient. Because the name is ancient, it is unpopular and uncommon. According to US records, the name was found five times out of six million people. The name Taddäus is not only associated with the heart; it is also associated with colors and gems. Yellow, gold, and green are colors that are considered to be lucky colors for a person named Taddäus. It is also believed that moonstones, pearls, and cat's-eye are gems that bring luck and good omens to a person named Taddäus. Many people have tipped a person named Taddäus to become a great historian, poet, writer, or philosopher because of the traits they possess; These traits can be discovered by using the name as an abbreviation. The T stands for tasteful, the A stands for absolute, the D stands for dashing, the U stands for uniting, and the S stands for sensitive. This means they are peaceful people who always want to bring together and unite people from all over. They are charismatic, charming, and very intelligent as well.


Taddäus is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-A-D-D-A-U-S , is a 7-letter male given name.

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