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Taina, primarily a feminine name, is known to have multiple origins - Finnish, and Russian. In Russian and Finnish origin, The meaning of Taina is 'secret', 'star' while some people think it means 'fairy princess'. The numerology associated with this name is nine. People with this numerology have a heart that is kind, caring, and compassionate. They focus all of their efforts on defending and developing the people around them. They are patient people who listen to others instead of imposing their own opinions. Their lives are filled with adversity, which develops their intellect, strength, and awareness. If you ever need advice, these are the people you should turn to them. Famous people named Taina include Finnish actress Taina Elg, Swiss social activist Taina Bien-Aimé, Finnish javelin thrower Taina Kolkkala and Finnish politician Anneli Taina. 


Taina is most often associated with the gender: female.

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T-A-I-N-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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