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Takis is an exciting and meaningful name. It is usually given to boys, and the meaning of Takis is 'follower of Demeter'. The name can also mean 'earth nother'. Takis is a unique name that has been known to be associated with many gems, qualities, and even colors. Blue is considered to be a lucky color for a person named Takis. It is also believed that emeralds and turquoise are gems that bring luck and good omens to a person named Takis. According to some websites, a person named Takis is likely to become a philosopher, a teacher, a writer, a scientist, or a minister because of their traits and qualities. These traits and qualities can be uncovered by using the name as an abbreviation. The T stands for time, the A stands for activities, the K stands for keen, the I stands for impress, and the S stands for self-respect. This means that they are people who have self-respect and are confident in themselves in everything they do. They are well-organized and responsible, and they know how to use their time well. They are as enthusiastic and exciting as they tend to be interested in many hobbies and activities. Even with all these associations, meanings, and traits, the name is still pretty unpopular. According to US records, the name was found less than five times out of six million people!


Takis is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-A-K-I-S , is a 5-letter male given name.

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