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Talja is a beautiful name, and it is also quite meaningful. It is usually given to girls, and the meaning of Talja is 'dew from God'. The name is a variation of the name Talia, and it can also mean 'flourishing'. The name is not very uncommon because it is a variation of another name. According to US records, the name was found less than 10 times out of six million people recorded. The few people who have this name are considered cheerful and exciting. To further describe them, the name can be abbreviated. The T stands for tasteful, the A stands for amenable, the L stands for lively, and the J stands for joyful. These traits mean they are energetic people who usually participate in many activities and hobbies. They are upbeat and fun to be around because of their cheerful nature. They are also knowledgeable and very great at communicating their feelings. According to some websites, these traits will help them become philosophers, politicians, social scientists, public speakers or administrators. The name Talja is known to be associated with pearls. Pearls are thought to bring good luck and omens to a person named Talja. Purple and black are also considered to be their luck


Talja is most often associated with the gender: female.

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T-A-L-J-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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