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Tartan is a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin. The meaning of Tartan is 'a patterned woolen cloth'. This name is not only from the Scottish origin but also from French and Gaelic origin. The name tartan comes from the French variation of the word ‘tartarin’ which means ‘cloth of tartar’. Tartan is also a Scottish word that is said to have been derived from the Gaelic originated word ‘tarsainn’ which means ‘to go across’.

Movies & TV featuring Tartan




Tartan - (2014)
Spinning a Yarn: The Dubious History of Scottish Tartan - (2013)
Missionary in a Tartan Tie - (2010)
Tartan - (1981)

Locations featuring Tartan

Tartan of Redlands
Tartan High School
Tartan Jock Scottish Pub

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