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The name Thijl is a unique name, and it is usually given to boys. The meaning of Thijl is 'proficient' or 'good'. The name can also mean 'ruler of the people'. The name is actually a variation of the name Till, and it is directly derived from the German name Dietrich. The name is a variation of another name, so it is quite uncommon. According to US records, the name was found less than 10 times out of a recorded six million people. The few people who have this name are thought to be charismatic people who are also perfectionists. People with this name are believed to be talented people who shine the brightest in a room full of people. They are also intelligent people who share their knowledge with others. They are also headstrong people who can handle anything life throws at them. The name Thijl is known to be associated with light-colored stones, like pearls and diamonds. These are known to be their lucky gems. Any light-shaded color is also believed to be a lucky color for them.


Thijl is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-H-I-J-L , is a 5-letter male given name.

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