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Thijmen is a name usually given to boys. It is a variation of names such as Tidemann and Tiedemann, and the meaning of Thijmen is 'man of the people'. It is an old and uncommon name, however. The name is uncommon, but it is associated with common gems such as pearls, moonstones, and cat's-eye, which are also said to be lucky for them. Colors such as yellow and green are believed to be lucky colors for them. People seem to believe that a person named Thijmen is suited to be a successful poet or writer because of their personality traits. They are delightful people who have the gift of making everyone smile. They are also impressive in that they are smart, have many talents, and are humble and noble. Even with all these traits and associations, the name is reported to be very uncommon. According to US records, less than five people out of six million people have this name.


Thijmen is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-H-I-J-M-E-N , is a 7-letter male given name.

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