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Tymo is the diminutive version of the famous Greek name Timotheus, and sometimes it is also considered to be the shorter version of 'Dietmar'. While sharing the symbolism of both its predecessors, the meaning of Tymo is 'famous people' and 'honoring God'. A person who is considered to be extremely skilled in a certain profession or art, with a personality that compliments his climb to fame, can be considered a great candidate for this name. Furthermore, the term 'honoring God' also shows that Tymo is considered light in the life of his parents, and his name is a way of showing gratitude to the almighty. Tymo has been able to garner an overall rank of #2,269, with the Netherlands and Norway being the biggest contributors to the fame of this name. Surely the name lives up to its interpretation, but the same cannot be said when the data is monitored in the United States. As per the Social Security Administration in the United States, Tymo has seen only 24 birth registrations. With an average of almost zero births each year, Tymo can be considered a very rare name in the United States.


Tymo is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-Y-M-O , is a 4-letter male given name.

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