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Tyno is considered to be a sibling of 'Tino', with the popular Italian name Valentino being its parent. With very similar spelling as its sibling, Tino, Tyno boasts a more masculine yet cheeky pronunciation with emphasis on 'Y', making it quite suitable for someone very close. Tyno has often been considered a great nickname, but all short name lovers are aware that this name is quite eligible as a given name due to some evident differences like ancestry and meaning, some of which are not enjoyed by most nicknames. The meaning of Tyno is 'vigorous', 'strong', and 'powerful'. A person who is considered to have a strong resolve and a will that allows him to overcome even the most difficult situations can be considered for this powerful name, as Tyno will further add weight to the person, thus also acting as a reminder to the person that he is stronger and has the capability to overcome anything, life throws at him. Furthermore, with a rank of #6,520 in the United States, Tyno also qualifies itself as a rare name.


Tyno is most often associated with the gender: male.

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T-Y-N-O , is a 4-letter male given name.

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