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The meaning of Tyrique is ‘evening caller'. Tyrique also means 'he who knocks or hammers’, according to its Arabic origin. This name is also of American origin, where it means ‘saver of the people’. Other meanings of this name include ‘God’s gift' and 'gift from God’. In Arabic, Tyrique is a combination of the names Tyron and Dominique. Variations of this name include Tierika and Tariq. It is most common in Muslim families and English-speaking countries. Famous people with this name include the American basketball player Tyrique Jones and the soccer players Tyrique Lake and Tyrique J. Jarrett.

Movies & TV featuring Tyrique


Enrique Murciano
Tyrique Anderson
Enrique Arce
Tyrique Harmer

Music featuring Tyrique




Locations featuring Tyrique

Plaza Trique Río Colorado
Teatro Lirico di Cagliari

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