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The name Valerie was once extremely popular in the regions of France, Spain and Germany. The name takes its meaning from the Latin ‘valere’, so the meaning of Valerie is means 'good strength' or 'good health'. The Valerius Clan, by which the name is thought to have first used, were known for their power, courage, health and valour. They were said to have survived from the earliest days of the Roman Republic all the way the end of the Empire. It is also thought that Valerie came from the German word 'walaricus', which means ‘foreign strength' or 'power’. This name is popular with many Christians, due it its associations with the faith. One of the most well-known saints is Saint Valerie of Limoges, who lived in Limousin in France during the Medieval period. It is said that after she was beheaded, she carried her own head to the Bishop who had ordered her execution. She is considered to be the first martyr of Aquitaine and is celebrated with a feast in her honour every Decemeber.

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