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The meaning of Vallea is ‘valley’. The name Vallea has got an optimistic and spiritual association with itself as the name resembles the word 'valley'. Vallea is a distinctive Italian name and is usually used for girls. This name is a variant of 'Valli'. Since a person's name plays a great part in defining a person's qualities, it is believed that individuals with the name 'Vallea' are very wise and adventurous and always strive to fulfill their aspirations. Their prospects are boundless. They live prosperous life. The pronunciation goes Va-lle-a. Individuals with the name Vallea are very philosophical, compassionate, and thoughtful. Individuals with the name Vallea are very helpful, they have the natural gift of being intuitive, and others respect them for their realistic and pragmatic vision of life. They are instinctive and talented artists, and they are very wise. Therefore, people often seek their advice during times of trouble. The name also symbolizes purity, knowledge, simplicity, enlightenment, and hope.


Vallea is most often associated with the gender: female.

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V-A-L-L-E-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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