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Valo is a gender-neutral given name originating from the Finnish name ‘Veli’. The meaning of Valo is a ‘man of light’, and some sources say that it might have also been taken from the name ‘Velyo’, a name of Slavic origin, and has various English variants. Although Valo is a rare and unique name for boys even today, the name Valo originated centuries before and was also used as a surname. The name has been gender-specific for ages. In 2008, the name was used in the Netherlands and was listed among the top 500 baby boy names. The name became so common, popular, and adopted by renowned celebrities and politicians like Elmer Valo, vile Valo, and many more. People believe that a person named Valo is balanced, friendly, tactful, and diplomatic. They are visionary, tend to make everything right, are passionate, and love independence. The name Valo is very common in Netherlands, Italy, and Finland, and its variant is common in Slavic countries.


Valo is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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V-A-L-O , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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