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The name Vannda is unique because of its pronunciation. The meaning of Vannda is ‘family or wanderer’. The name can also be written as ‘Vanda’ or ‘Vandah’. The name is three syllables long, and the pronunciation is ‘VAENNDAH’. It is believed that, with such a name as Vannda, people are inclined to be accommodating, meek, and much more likely to experience than to inspire. Instead of taking center stage, they would rather blend into the backdrop. They are empathetic, communicative, polite, and good team players. They have a good grasp of other people's thoughts and emotions. This name is a perfect match for someone who desires love and independence. People think of you as majestic, beautiful, and aristocratic when they hear your name, Vannda. Vannda shares traits with actresses, dancers, and other entertainers as you love art and music. People respect Vannda's self-assured character. They are grounded and have great intuition. They are admirable and versatile.


Vannda is most often associated with the gender: female.

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V-A-N-N-D-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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