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The meaning of Wash is Wassa's settlement. It is a variant of the more common Washington. Although the meaning cannot be explained in literal terms, the traits of the personality can be figured out from the analysis of the letters of the name. The letter W in the name suggests that Wash is a person with great intuitive powers. They believe in multitasking and are always active, taking up actions quickly. The letter A portrays Wash to be a person who possesses leadership qualities and a gifted liberal mind. They have high ambitions in life. S signifies Wash to be a charming personality who is super sensitive, which can create intense drama in their lives. The consonant H indicates that they have a great vision and are highly creative people. As per the calculations, the name Wash has the numerical value 6. Having said that, let's look into the characteristic features of this human being. Wash is a nurturing and sympathetic personality. They can build up strong, friendly relations. They are also balanced, loving, and compassionate, and being so can make them excellent parents. The ruling planet for people named Wash is Venus.


Wash is most often associated with the gender: male.

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W-A-S-H , is a 4-letter male given name.

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