The meaning of Wen translates to ‘writing’, ‘literature’, ‘culture’, ‘ornamental’ and is of Chinese origin. The name Wen also means ‘warm’, ‘hear’. A possible origin of this name is from the territory that is called Wen. All the descendants and followers of the kings and nobles of these regions adopted Wen as their family name. Another root of this name is said to have come from the King Wen of Zhou, the father of the king who established the vast Western Zhou dynasty. The prince of Qi, Tian Wen, is also believed to be one of the origins of this name and was one of the ‘four princes’ during the time of the Warring States.

Movies & TV featuring Wen




Lun Wen-Xu lao dian Liu Xian-Kai - (1994)
Yi wen ji bao biao - (2002)
Wen Suchen - (1966)
Wen die Liebe trifft... - (2005)

Music featuring Wen




Wen Wen De Xing Fu
Bei Wen Wo Shi Shui (Album Version)
Wen Bie

Locations featuring Wen

Wenchang Shi
Wenshang Xian
Wenling Shi
Wen'an Xian

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