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Winiata is considered to be a unique name. The origin of this name can be traced to Maori. The Maori are the indigenous Polynesians of New Zealand. The name Winiata is a Maori version of the English surname Wynyard. Wynyard is a place-derived surname, an urban locality in Sydney, Australia. Wynyard is used for describing someone when he or she is a bit of a coward. It is used as a kind of slang. The name does not have a proper meaning, but the meaning of Winiata is often related to the meaning of Wynyard which is 'cowardly'. The name Winiata is rare. This name is mainly used as a surname in New Zealand and Australia. There are many famous people in New Zealand with this name as a surname. Some of them are Maharaia Winiata, a New Zealand tribal leader, teacher, and anthropologist; Selica Winiata, a rugby union player from New Zealand; and Whatarangi Winiata, a New Zealand accountant, academic, and Māori leader. There is even a railway station by this name in New Zealand.


Winiata is most often associated with the gender: male.

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W-I-N-I-A-T-A , is a 7-letter male given name.

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