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The meaning of Winifred is ‘peaceful’ or ‘blessed’. The name is of Welsh origins and it is a name that is typically given to girls. It is derived from the Old English words 'gwen', meaning 'white' or 'equal' and 'ffrewi', meaning 'reconciliation.' It was the name of the famous martyr Saint Winifred, who lived in the seventh century. She was thought to have been revived after her head was decapitated. Sometime later, people discovered that a healing spring had sprouted from the spot where her head had fallen. People now believe that the water has the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases. Another meaning for the name is ‘fair one’. The name is also considered a derivation of the name of Guenevere, who was the famous wife of King Arthur.

Movies & TV featuring Winifred




The Wooing of Winifred - (1911)
Winifred Foley: A Child from the Forest - (2001)
Winifred Meeks - (2020)
Winifred - (2009)

Music featuring Winifred



Wetterhexe Winifred
Variations on an Original Theme ''Enigma'' Op. 36: VIII. W.N. (Winifred Norbury)
Wetterhexe Winifred

Locations featuring Winifred

Winifred Holtby School
Winifred Smith Hall (WSH)
Winifred Moore Auditorium @ Webster University
Winifred West Park

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