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The meaning of Winthrop is ‘friend’s village’. It is a name that is traditionally given to girls and it is a name of English origins. It comes from the old English word 'winn', The meaning of which is ‘friend’ and the old Norse word ‘porp’, meaning settlement. This is believed to have influenced the old English word ‘throp’, meaning village. Hence the suffix 'throp' is used to describe a ‘settler’ or ‘villager’. The name a popular family name for settlers from Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire in England. John Winthrop is a famous person with Winthrop as a last name. Winthrop was a lawyer and one of the front leaders and founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Movies & TV featuring Winthrop



Young Mrs. Winthrop - (1920)
Ferryboat 'Winthrop' - (1897)
Winthrop Rising: A Basketball Story - (2009)
Young Mrs. Winthrop - (1915)

Music featuring Winthrop



Symmetric (Mitch Winthrop Mix)

Locations featuring Winthrop

Winthrop Place
Winthrop Heights
Winthrop University Hospital

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