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The meaning of Xabier stands for 'new house' and 'bright' and this name is of Basque and Arabic origins. It is formed from two Basque words – 'etxe', meaning house, and 'berri' meaning new. Therefore, the two means mentioned above are based on the origin language, where the Basque meaning is 'new house' and the Arabic meaning is 'bright'. Another possible derivation of this name may be from the Christian name 'Xavier' based on the famous Saint Francis Xavier. Based on their name, Xabier seems to be a great and cheerful person, who will provide the same comfort and pleasure that a new bright house of our own could. Their presence could probably make others feel excited. For those interested in numerological beliefs, Xabiers are of numerological value five, which suggests that they may be explorers who set on new adventures and love connecting with people. They can also be curious and impulsive. They could be free spirits who would love to set off with their backpacks and travel the world.


Xabier is most often associated with the gender: male.

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X-A-B-I-E-R , is a 6-letter male given name.

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