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Xael is a gender-neutral name with American roots. The meaning of Xael is 'from the sea' and has a numerology value of six. According to astrology, babies named Xael are believed to grow up to be kind and loving people who frequently prioritize the needs of others before their own. They respect justice and honesty greatly and are dependable. They are naturally creative and place a high value on harmony and aesthetics. The name was made news in 2021 after a couple named their 11 children with various spelling alterations, beginning with Alex, Axel, Alxe, Lexa, Xael, Xela, Xeal, Leax, Exla, Elax, and Xale.


Xael is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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X-A-E-L , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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