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Xan is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, and the meaning of Xan is 'defending men'. It's also a nickname for Alexander. The numerology associated with this name is three. The numerology three people are highly sociable, fun-loving, and enjoy life. They're creative by nature with an artistic edge, meaning they often express themselves creatively in various forms, such as arts or crafts. These folks also have a great sense of humor that'll make you smile even when you're in a bad mood. Their creativity can often manifest into imaginative ideas which help feed their passion and help them soar careerwise. As for the famous personality with this name, how about Lil Xan - the stage name of American Rapper Diego Leanos?


Xan is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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X-A-N , is a 3-letter neutral given name.

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