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The name Xanadu is a well-known name. The neutral name is said to be of Mongolian origin. However, the name is said to be of English origin as per some sources. The name Xanadu is normally preferred by parents for both boys and girls. The meaning of Xanadu is 'mongolian city'. The name in English means 'luxurious or exotic mansion'. There are some famous places and renowned personalities with the name Xanadu. Bill Gates’ private estate is also known by the name Xanadu. Xanadu is a beach resort in Bahama Island, Bahamas. The highly reflective area of Saturn’s moon is known as Xanadu.

Movies & TV featuring Xanadu




Marco Polo: Return to Xanadu - (2001)
Going Back to Xanadu - (2008)
Making Xanadu: The Musical Fantasy Movie - (1980)
Finding Xanadu: The Life and Films of Samuel W. Truss - (2010)

Music featuring Xanadu



Xanadu feat Olivia Newton-John

Locations featuring Xanadu

Xanadu Resort Hotel
Xanadu Island Hotel
Xanadu Bar
Xanadu Main Restaurant

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