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The name Xander is of Greek origins, and it is traditionally used by parents who are looking for a name for their son. It is a shorter variant of the Latin name Alexander and has been derived from the Greek name Alexandros. It has been composed of the Greek elements 'alexein', meaning ‘to ward off, keep off, defend, protect’, and 'andros' or 'aner', meaning ‘man’. According to its Greek origins, the meaning of Xander is interpreted to be ‘protector of man’ or ‘defender of man’. Notable public figures known to have this name are Xander Jan Bogaerts, a professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox and Xander Berkeley who has starred as George Mason in '24' and Gregory on 'The Walking Dead'.

Movies & TV featuring Xander




xXx: Return of Xander Cage - (2017)
Xander De Rycke: Zijn derde show - (2014)
Xander De Rycke: Houdt het voor bekeken 2016-2017 - (2017)
Xander De Rycke: Uw zoete 666 - (2010)

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Xander Calls

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Xander Hotel
Xander Blue Salon
Xander Bar

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