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The meaning of Xandra is ‘defender’. It is a name typically given to girls and it is of Greek origins. It is derived from the name Alexandra, which is made up of the Greek words ‘alexein’, meaning ‘defender’ and ‘anēr’, which means ‘man’. The name Alexandra has been used by many women of royal blood. Xandra is also believed to be a female version of the name Alexander. It is inspired by Alexander The Great, who was a Greek king that ruled over the kingdom of Macedon. Alexander is directly responsible for the popularity of his name, having chosen to name seventy cities in his kingdom after himself. He also named his horse Alexandria, another variation of the name Xandra. Another variant of the name is Cassandra, who is a princess that is depicted in Greek mythology. In fiction, Xandra is the name of a goddess in the children’s animated series 'Legend of the Three Caballeros'.

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