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The name Xandy originates from America and is the diminutive of Alexander or Alexandra, and the meaning of Xander is thus 'defender of mankind’ or ‘defender of the people’. It is not a commonly used person’s name, although the name ‘Alexander’, from which it is derived, is indeed a popular name, as is the short form of Alexander, Alex, or Alec. Well-known personalities with this name include Xandy Kamel, a Ghanaian actress and a television presenter.

Movies & TV featuring Xandy


Xandy Sahla
Xandy Barry
Xandy Smith
Xandy Welinton

Music featuring Xandy




Moro na roça (feat. Xandy de Pilares)

Locations featuring Xandy

Xandy Bike
Xandy Kids
Xandy Cabeleireiro

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