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The meaning of Xanthe is 'blond-haired'. It is a name primarily chosen for girls and originates from Greece. According to Greek mythology, it was a Homeric epithet of Demeter, Xanthe, which became a name for a blonde. 'Golden', and 'yellow' are other meanings of this name. Derived from the ancient Greek word 'xanthos', the name also means 'fair-haired'. Xanthe is a sea nymph and a daughter of of Oceanus and Tethys in Greek mythology.

Movies & TV featuring Xanthe



Neighbours: Xanthe Hearts Ben - (2016–)

Music featuring Xanthe




Xanthe (Original Mix)
Ludwig in Concordia (feat. Simon Adcock, Chris Cundy, Beth Porter & Xanthe Wood)
Xanthe (Allen & Envy & Mark W Rework)

Locations featuring Xanthe

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