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The name Xarissa is a created name of American origin. It is the amalgamation of the two names Xara and Clarissa. Xarissa has many possible origins. Carissa is a similar name to Xarissa, which is derived from the Greek word 'charis' meaning 'grace' and translated to 'beloved'. It is possibly derived from the Latin word 'clarus', meaning ' bright, or famous'. The meaning of Xarissa is also ‘loving and benevolent'. Xarissa is also associated with the name 'Harissa', a Christian pilgrimage site in Lebanon. Well-known personalities with a variant of this name include Carissa Moore, an American professional surfer, and Carissa Capobianco, an American actress.

Movies & TV featuring Xarissa


Marissa Jaret Winokur
Marissa Ribisi
Annie Parisse
Karissa Lee Staples

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Locations featuring Xarissa

Larissa Holiday Beach Club
Larissa Phaselis Princess Resort & Spa

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