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Marvel fanatics, this is the right name for your little baby! Named after the powerful wise Professor Charles Xavier of the 'X-Men', Xavier is a great name choice. The name is of Spanish origin and has been a regular in the top 150 names for babies since 2001. The meaning of Xavier is 'brightness' and 'splendidness'. St. Francis Xavier is among the well known Xaviers, a famous Spanish missionary saint and a cofounder of the Society of Jesus. The Jesuit saint was named after his birthplace, Javier (also called Xabier in Basque), located in the Kingdom of Navarre of Spain. Xabier came from the romanization of etxe berri, which translated to ‘castle’, ‘new residence’. Though born in a well-known family of nobility, Saint Xavier left behind all the luxuries and privileges of his life, and instead chose the path of devotion. He spent his life caring for the needy and spreading the message of God. He led an extensive mission in South and East Asia, and was also known as ‘Apostle of the Indies and Japan’.

Movies & TV featuring Xavier




Scars of Xavier - (2017)
Data Limite segundo Chico Xavier - (2014)
As Cartas Psicografadas por Chico Xavier - (2010)
Xavier - (1992)

Music featuring Xavier



Xavier (Live)
Xavier (Remastered)

Locations featuring Xavier

Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan
Xavier School
Xavier University
Xavier University Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

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