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The meaning of Xeraphina is 'angel'. It is of American origin, but it also matches the spelling of the common Latin word 'Seraphina', which translates to 'heavenly winged angel'. In Hebrew, its meaning is 'ardent and fiery'. Seraphina is a feminine name derived from the Hebrew word 'seraphim', which means 'burning ones', and is used in the Bible to describe six winged celestial angels who surround and praise God's throne. Serafina is a Latin variation of the name, as is the variation Seraphita, a name which was given to the heroine of a Balzac novel. Historically, the name Xeraphina can be traced to the title of an Italian saint from the 13th century, who made clothing for the poor. It gained popularity when used by the celebrities Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to name their second daughter.

Movies & TV featuring Xeraphina


Seraphina Beh
Saraphina Monaco
J.D. Seraphine

Locations featuring Xeraphina

Rua Seraphina Morelli Vianna São José Do Vale Do Rio Preto - Rio de Janeiro
Seraphina Road
Rua Seraphina Etelvina Pagliuso Tupã - São Paulo
Rua Seraphina a. Carvalho Laranjal Paulista - São Paulo

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