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The name Xiang has Chinese origins. The meaning of Xiang translates to ‘to soar’, ‘to glide’, ‘soars above others’. This name also means ‘lucky’, ‘auspicious’, ‘a good omen’, ‘having good luck’. Other alternate meanings of this name include ‘fragrant’, ‘happy’, ‘oak’, ‘appearance’. One possible origin of this name is from the King Xiang of the Xia dynasty. Xiang Jingyu is considered as the main catalyst of the Chinese women’s movement.

Movies & TV featuring Xiang



Mao tou ying yu xiao fei xiang - (1984)
Ji de... xiang jiao cheng shu shi - (1993)
Xiang mo zhuan - (2017)
Luo tuo Xiang Zi - (1982)

Music featuring Xiang




Cong Lai Mei Xiang Dao
Xiang Ting
Yi Lu Xiang Bei

Locations featuring Xiang

Xiangxiang Shi
Xiangzhou Qu
Xiangcheng Shi
Xiangtan Xian

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