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The meaning of Xing translates to ‘a star’, ‘a spark’. This Chinese name also means ‘prosperous’, ‘thriving’, ‘successful’. The name Xing is believed to come from a region in China of the same name, that was around at the time of the Zhou dynasty. The followers and descendants of the royal family took this name as their family name. Another origin of this name comes from the family of Dafu Han Xuanzi, who resided in the county of Xing, and their descendants took the name of this county as their surname.

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Movies & TV featuring Xing




Yun cai zhi li xing - (1996)
Tian shi xing dong III mo nu mo ri - (1989)
Xong xing zi: Zhi jiang hu da feng bao - (1996)
Huo tou fu xing - (1992)

Music featuring Xing




Ban Meng Ban Xing Zhi Jian
Xing Ling (Ao Vivo)
Liu Xing Yu

Locations featuring Xing

Xingning Shi
Xingbin Qu
Xinghua Shi
Xingyi Shi

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