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Yaeli is a variation of the famous gender-neutral name Yael, with an added 'I' at the end of the name, making it a little bit more personable than its predecessor. The meaning of Yaeli is 'to ascend', which is the same meaning as that of its parent Yael, but like every other child, this name adds more features to the overall meaning, even if its sweet and crisp pronunciation is disregarded. Some believe that the name is very suitable for a successful person or a person who has shown extraordinary skills equivalent to that of a future-successful person. Furthermore, being a descendant of the very popular name, Yael, one can expect individuals to be aware of the meaning of this sweet name, while Yaeli also has the ability to satisfy your rarity-seeking taste buds since the name has only achieved a rank of #52,187 in the list of Most Common Baby Names across the United States. Moreover, the name has been a witness to only 202 birth registrations in the same country since 2002, making it very unlikely for one to stumble across a boy or girl named Yaeli.


Yaeli is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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Y-A-E-L-I , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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