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The meaning of Zena is ‘born of Zeus’ or ‘guest’. It is a name typically given to girls and is of Greek origin. It comes from the ancient Greek word ‘zḗnōn’ which means ‘consecrated to Zeus’ and ‘xenia’ which means ‘hospitality’. One of the most well-known and powerful Greek gods is Zeus. He was the king of gods, as well as the god of thunder. The name Zena is considered a shortened version of Zenobia. Septimia Zenobia was the full name of a famous Queen of the Palmyrene Empire. She was described as a tough lady with strong authority but is thought to have died after losing the Battle of Immae to the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who was trying to reassert control over the provinces held by Zenobia. The masculine form is Zeno and is recognized mostly as the first name of the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Zeno of Elea. He was described by another philosopher as 'incredibly subtle and profound'. He also proposed the ‘Zeno's paradoxes,’ which intrigued many philosophers and scientists. Zena is the stage name of a Belarusian singer who was selected to represent her country in the 2019 'Eurovision Song Contest'.

Movies & TV featuring Zena




Zena pro tri muze - (1979)
Zena - (1981)
Zena - (2015)
Zena z Vrchov - (1956)

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Zena zmaj
Zena Sa Balkana
Zena Sirena

Locations featuring Zena

Zena Resort Hotel
Zena Caffè
Zena Hotel Bodrum

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