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The meaning of Zerlina is 'a beautiful dawn', according to its Italian origin. Zerlina is a given feminine name, traditionally used by parents to name a baby girl, and most common in English-speaking and Italian-speaking countries. 

Movies & TV featuring Zerlina


Sterling K. Brown
Zerlina Cheng
Zerlina Oppenheim
Zerlina Hughes

Music featuring Zerlina



Act I: Guarda un po' come seppe (Recitativo: Masetto, Don Giovanni, Zerlina)
Mozart: Don Giovanni, K. 527, Act 2: "Vedrai, carino" (Zerlina)
Mozart: Don Giovanni, K. 527, Act 1 Scene 16: No. 12, Aria, "Batti, batti, o bel Masetto" (Zerlina)

Locations featuring Zerlina

Zerina CAFE
Berlina Jack Flash
Berlina Km. 12

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